Scraping Weedmaps Data

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weedmaps data scraping

Project Title: Scraping Weedmaps.com Data

Project Description:
Looking for a price quotes specifically for MJ dispensaries which only have physical store locations (exclude “delivery only” guys).

Please fill us in on # of dispensaries and excel list price quotes, respectively/separately for

1. The USA
2. Canada

Get in contact to discuss your goals & we will provide a complementary list to you at free cost.

We’re gearing up to launch an innovative grow light business online soon and develop a distributor network.

We’re starting on a shoestring, essentially.

We ideally want to target dispensaries that sell gear, accessories, etc.

Planning to market by email, though phone #s and contact names are desirable if possible.

Will start in the US and expand to Canada and other countries as we grow and get in the flow.

Looking forward to hearing back about your pricing and to checking out the complimentary list offered.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@emailscrapingservices.com

  • 5 years ago Kaye Mandler

    Can you extract data of Dispensaries from directory website: http://www.leafly.com .
    Please let me know the solution for data scraping with quote.


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