Data Scraping of Drug Information

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Project Title: Data Scraping of Drug information

Project Description:
I would like to scrape drug information and price verified by medindia.net.

You can get data from following URL:

I would be willing to buy the database of drug information that is verified from medindia.net.

How does your pricing structure works? Please suggest. Also, we want to see sample data first before proceeding to live extraction process.

Scrape information like – Drug Name, Category, Written & Compiled By, Medically Reviewed By, Social Media Links, and General Informal on Drug, Generic Name. ICD Code, Therapeutic Classification, etc.

Tell us how you’ll going to do it. Secondly, time required doing it and can you make this process automated meaning let’s say you extract data today and again after a week or a month new data is to be extracted then would it be possible to automate the process.

We will just keep the new addition data, basically removing the de-duplication.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@emailscrapingservices.com.

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