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physicians email list

Project Title: Physician Email List

Project Description:
I came across your website and was wondering if you can answer some of the questions that we have before purchasing any physician email list. Our company is related to creating a community web base network and inviting thousands of physicians is our main goal. We are in the hype of sending e-mail to different physicians in different field and so it is important for us to be able to get quality e-mail list (if possible none or less general email list) so that we get more sign ups on it.

Below are some questions that we really would like to hear from your company. We are considering purchasing different list from different company so we would love to hear all your answers to the questions below.

– How much is the actual count of physician e-mails that you can provide in different Specialty excluding Dentist and Chiropractor?

– How much would be the list and what is the minimum number of list that we can purchase?

– Is it possible if we can purchase that list in half or by minimum purchase?

– How soon can we get the list?

– What are the methods of payment or do you accept PayPal purchase?

– Is it possible if we can get a free sample of e-mail list or even a screen shot of your sample email list?

Hoping for your soonest reply regarding my query. Thank you so much.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@emailscrapingservices.com.

  • 5 years ago Aaron Wright

    If you can let me know how much that would cost to scrape Dentist listings from http://www.nhs.uk.


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