Data Scraping Needed for Ecommerce Website

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Project Title: Data Scraping Needed for Ecommerce Website

Project Description:
We need an experienced data scraping specialists who can acquire product details for our eCommerce product listings by researching other websites.

A spreadsheet of product SKUs will be provided, in which you will be required to fill in the blanks with the correct information and/or verify existing information are correct.

You will need to verify/acquire the following product details:
– UPC codes
– Descriptions
– Equipment Compatibility
– Product Name
– Category Name
– Brand
– Price
– Weight
– Dimensions
– Other Specifications

We saw your pricing online but wasn’t sure if that was a onetime fee or if it is a monthly fee and was hoping you could provide further assistance on this while we continue to research potential companies to work with.

Can you please send us a sample of few listings? Also, please share more about your company capabilities to better understand your quality of work.

Can you provide this complete list? Please feel free to contact in case of any queries. Is it possible if we can get a free sample of e-mail list or even a screen shot of your sample email list?

We need fixed price for entire scrape. Hoping for your soonest reply regarding our query. Thank you so much.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@emailscrapingservices.com.

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