Scraping Business Details verified from Canada Yellow Pages

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Project Title: Scraping Business Details verified from Canada Yellow Pages

Project Description:
We are looking to have millions of business listed in Canada with their business email.

Can you gather information from Yellow Pages with Email Address?

If you can help with this, write back to us confirming to get all data required:
– Business Name
– Category
– Address
– Phone Number
– City
– State
– Post Code
– Description
– Website URL
– Email Address

What are your monthly rates? Depending on price structure will opt for frequency to scrape data. How will you deliver data to us please inform us. If you want more information you can drop mail or direct call us.

Please send us quote and then we will be happy to make payment once project is completed.

We are looking to update this list at regular interval of time.

We required web scraping firm to handle one of our project.

Our main focus in on getting business Ratings & Reviews if available on Yellow Pages or by following website URL on target source.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@emailscrapingservices.com.

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