Extract Data of Doctors from United States

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Project Title: Extract Data of Doctors from United States

Project Description:
Hi, I need someone to scrape Yelp and gather info on doctors in the United States. Gather all doctors in the states of USA.

I recommend searching “city-wise/zip code” on Yelp and narrowing down to the “Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik” category.

Please see attached image to see what I mean.

Create a Google Sheet with the following data:
– Business name
– Business email
– Website URL
– First name of doctor
– Last name of doctor
– City
– State

Avoid duplicate emails and try to make sure the business actually offers USA as a service.

Kindly tell me what will be scraping charges and time frame for this project. This information should be displayed in CSV format.

I would require email address for every doctor as email address is key factor. Is it possible?

If so get back to me as soon as possible so that I can proceed with the project.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@emailscrapingservices.com.

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